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Monday, August 24, 2009


I've been threatening for weeks - months???? - that I'm going to get started on my Bunny Hill BOMs. Finally, I can say that I have! Started, at least.
January - please excuse the lack of pressing in these pictures!

I was really torn about wanting to do it all with hand applique, but reality has set in and I've re-sorted back to my machine where I am much more comfortable, and stand a really good chance of actually getting them done. I also decided that I was going to make them all scrappy - using whatever bits and pieces I had left over from other projects. Where possible, I was going to try to use "unconventional" quilting materials - the snowman is fleece, the bunny is ultra-suede, and try to incorporate themes of each month into the fabrics. February's background has tiny little hearts scattered across it. As you may have noticed, in my haste to actually get started, I neglected to flip my patterns over, so things are reversed! Make it yours, right?! I've got the applique done on these, so now its just a matter of adding the embroidery, and then on to the next.
While other people have been extremely busy putting up this year's crop, I have only done a couple of batches of jam - a blueberry and a plum, and have frozen about 15 lbs of blueberries for winter time treats and baking. The blueberry crop this year is incredible, so I just might get out a gain to pick some more.

I did manage to finish off all the quilting on my Summer Sunset quilt (in this
post), except for the label, which will be done soon!

What comes next?? More Bunny Hill BOMs! and a couple of swap projects.

'til next time,
Happy Quilting!

p.s - I also want to tell you about a fabulous give-away - quilts!!! going on over at Trends and Traditions. Its Heather's way of celebrating her first blogiversary. Go here to check it out and see some pics of a really cutie helping with the celebration!


Sipiweske Quilts said...

You've got a great start on those Bunny Hill blocks! Feels great doesn't it? There are a couple of pieces in my blocks that are turned around the wrong way (or that I had to redo!) - you're most definitely not the only one! Your jam looks delicious and I understand that blueberries are good brain food . . ehm, I think I could use some of that :0)

Jilly's Space said...

yay!! Good job on getting your blocks started!!
Your jam looks soooo good! It's been years since I made jam, I am aiming for next year to get back to pickling and jamming ;o)
I remember years ago picking wild blueberries with my kids and making blueberry/raspberry jam that turned out amazing..and that was it..the only time I made that jam.
Look forward to seeing more of those blocks :o)

a good yarn said...

Great work on your Bunny Hill BOMs. I've fallen behind on mine and continue to perservere with the hand applique. Your bottled fruit looks wonderful. Thanks for the link to the giveaway. Ann :)