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Monday, October 26, 2009

Just what was I working on?

I've had a reasonably productive week - I've managed to complete two preemie donation quilts,

and have almost finished the latest dance dress, although I have been a bit distracted with being away.
 I've also been busy sorting through my stash, trying to pick out fabrics for the Bumble Beans WaveRunner quilt along (button on my sidebar), and for Don't Look Now's quilt along - a beautiful and Kellie promises! easy to do pattern called Joseph's Coat.  Isn't it lovely?

picture from Don't Look Now site

  For the WaveRunner I'm thinking I'm going to tone it down a bit from my last two quilts - they were very bright - and go for more muted tones, with a little bit of punch thrown in by way of the orange.

I'm probably going to use a few more fabrics than Victoria used, but as I'm working solely from my stash, and have quite a few FQs, I'm okay with that!  Time to start slicing and dicing!
For Kellie's quilt along (which starts Nov 1) I'm also working out of my stash, and am thinking of going red and white.  I think I've got enough variety in my reds to make it interesting, although I may have to seach for a few more.

colours appear more orange than in real life

I've also spent an awful lot of time cruising in the blogosphere!  I just don't know where the time goes!  I just pop in for a few minutes to see what everyone has been up to, and before you know it, HOURS have gone by!  It's cutting into my sewing time!  Will I stop?  Not on your life, but I do have to start setting time limits for each sitting, I think.

Monday's perusal has brought to light the latest Under the Gum Trees freebie - its a real nifty doorstopper.  Very cute. This week's designer is Vicki at Tozz's Corner.  Some people are just so creative it kills me.  I can think of a number of places where this would come in handy.

And the latest giveaway from Geta.  If you haven't checked out Geta's blog then you owe yourself a trip there!  She does incredible shadow trapunto work, and makes the most gorgeous bags among other things.  The October giveaway is this magnificent minature quilt.  Can you imagine?

Then I stopped by Crazy Mom Quilts.  Can you believe that Amanda Jean has completed at least 29 quilts already this year?!  Looking back through all the pictures, she has made some gorgeous quilts, and I've added a few more to my gotta make it list.  Thanks Crazy Mom!
Rachel at Not So Plain Jane posted a Spirit List.  Rachel has a lot of very interesting things on her list that she wants to accomplish.  Her list challenged me to think about what my list would look like.  My "Will list" (as in I will achieve this!") follows
I will:

  • move to Nova Scotia and own a house on the water, preferably an old farmhouse
    support myself through sewing and creative endeavours
  • travel to Australia and New Zealand (I promised myself when I moved west that I would not move back east until I had visited down under!)
  • rid myself of clutter
  • be positive and supportive of family and friends (and myself!)
  • not wish for more than I need
  • have faith in my own abilities
Thanks Rachel for putting the challenge out there!  What would be on your list?
Happy quilting!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Your list is great! I like that it's short. I added some crazy things to mine just for fun - like singing the national anthem at a hockey game. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen...

Thanks for the info on the giveaways and free patterns. I'll have to check them out.

Can't wait to see you new quilts. Love that Joseph's coat pattern! I wanted to do Victoria's quilt along, too, but have too much on the go right now. Maybe later...

Have a great week!