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Monday, November 2, 2009

UFO Alert!


lurking on the shelves,

in the boxes and in bags on the floor,

 its finally time to try and corral these creatures and move them on to their rightful places!  Do you have problems with these critters at your place too?  Then it sounds like you need Tallgrass Prairie Studios latest challenge - Joy in the New Year.  The goal is to get the UFOs that are lurking about all finished by the new year - its a tough challenge, but with each other's support, I'm pretty sure we can make a pretty sizeable impact on these hoards!  I've got 7 on my list to try and have finished before the new year begins.  Some of these are new, and "technically" I shouldn't have started them, but can you ignore an interesting looking challenge?  I can't! The WaveRunner was just that!

and some of them have been hanging around for years, and I've got no good excuse for not finishing them up.  They will, in fact, make some good Christmas presents if I get my act in gear!  AND, as if I really need it, they will justify the starting of -  I don't know, maybe half a dozen?? new projects before Christmas!  Are you up for the challenge?
Happy UFO hunting!


Rachel said...

I should join that challenge. It might motivate me to get some thing done! (And not start anything new...yet.)

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I don't think i saw a picture of yours! I love this! nice colors! i still need to quilt mine!!