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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello Ms. Postie!

I've had a very busy couple of weeks for mail deliveries!  I just recently received my Potholder Pass2 goodies (here) and now I've had lots more goodness showup at my door!
A little while back Sarah of Sarah's Prim Treasures had a Hot Potato giveaway of this cute Little Wallet Sewing Card pattern by Valori Wells and I won!  The idea of this particular giveaway is that the winner gets the pattern and can make it once or twice, (try stopping at once I've heard!) before passing it on in a giveaway WITHIN a month of receiving it!  So stay tuned for all the info on this giveway and your chance to win this cute Little Wallet pattern, coming by the middle of May.

A few days ago, Ms Postie was delivering another package for me - this one from
Melissa, of Ardea's Nest.  Isn't she cute?  Meet Tilly, who lived up to a turtle's reputation by taking her good sweet time to arrive (!!!), but she made it in one piece and has taken up residence next to my sewing machine where she can oversee everything I'm working on.

Tilly is the result of a Generosity Project that Melissa has kept going, which it will now be my turn to keep the ball rolling.  Details will follow in a separate post.

Then yesterday, Ms. Postie had still another package for me!  This one from Bea, and this one contained the WinterTime Mini quilt from the swap hosted by the Michele at the Quilting Gallery.  This one was also a bit slow in arriving, but it, too, was well worth the wait!

this really cute litte mini quilt and

a whole pile of goodies!  I got fabric and floss, charms and embellishments, some gorgeous glass buttons - see them at the front there?  Bea also included a couple of pins from her Patchwork Guild.  A truly wonderful package!

So thank you all for making my mail very memorable this past little while!  It sure makes getting bills so much more fun when there are other things there besides!

I haven't been completely slacking off this week - I did manage to finally finish my Winter Frost quilt (posted here, here and here).  That makes another April OPAM finish, and my first Spring to Finish finish.  Did you see the new button in my sidebar?  Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio has got a little Spring time motivation going on - go check it out!

and I've been working on my next 4x6ers postcard swap - here's a sneak peek

Hope you've had a great week, too!

Happy quilting


Joan said...

Wow - you have had a busy week - love your quilting..thats a beautiful quilt. Arent you the lucky one to have the postie visit so often.

Birdydownunder said...

yes its almost May - panic mode - for the 4x6'er PC swap. I am gathering my bits for it.
Absoutely love that little wallet. Can't wait for the giveaway, and hopefully the winner :) so I think I will have to google for it and buy it.
Love the quilt.
Winter is setting in here. Rain and cold... well 18degrees but we do have the heater on. lol. hugs sheila

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Janet love your little Tilly....and your quilt is gorgeous....