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Friday, June 18, 2010

DQS Inspiration and doodles

I've been having such a good time following all the discussions on the DQS site, and being inspired by everyone's creativity and pictures.  I've been doing a little stalking of my partner - it's a secret swap, so we don't know who is making for us - and I think I've come up with a colour scheme, at least in my head, of what will work for them.  Now to go dig through my stash and determine if a shopping trip is required!
Last night I sketched out very quickly, an idea that came to me, that I think will evolve into my swap quilt, but it's early days yet! Here's the rough sketch - it will be a swirl of flying geese in bright hot colours against a turquoise sky (think opposites on the colour wheel) - which will, hopefully, have the feather quilting design stand out.  My tentative name is Birds of a Feather.  Whaddaya think?
DQS9 possibility
Happy quilting!


Iceni UK said...

Hi Janet.
'Birds of Feather' flock together sounds just right for your quilt, I like your colour choice, they will bring a touch of vibrancy to your quilt.

Good luck with your design.

aubirdwoman said...

in my mind's eye, its going to look fabulous. I know you can do it. :)

a good yarn said...

I'e just been catching up after my computer went down two weeks ago. You have been making some terrific projects - the mini QY swap was amazing. This design looks great! Cheers, Ann :-)