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Monday, June 7, 2010

What a weekend!

(blogger has been acting up on me - I initially tried to post this last night, and then again this morning!  Finally!)

It's been exciting, that's for sure!  Friday, I got my last Flowers postcard from the May 4x6ers swap - a beautiful card from Cynthia!  Love the green, and the button is so cute on it!
Cynthia's Flower pc

Yesterday, after a nailbiting couple of days while the swap mamas reviewed all the entrants and ran their lottery, I found out that I got into round 9 of the Doll Quilt Swap!   Yaaay!  DQS9 (Flickr group link) here I come!

This is very exciting, as I've been chasing this one the last two rounds, and missing out on it.  Not this time!  Now these are a very talented - albeit a bit crazy at times - group of quilters.  Some of the discussion threads will have you rolling on the floor laughing, and gasping for air, for sure!  Partners will be assigned in the next couple of weeks and then the stalking research into my partner's preferences will begin!

For the last two days, I've been attending an incredible workshop with Gloria Loughman!  Amazing!  I have so many ideas whirling around.  If you are not familiar with Gloria's work, just pop over to her website here. She put on a trunk show at our guild meeting on Friday and her work is just incredible! I can see a whole lot of abstract mini's and landscapes coming as I play with her techniques, including fabric painting, piecing, applique, threadwork, bobbin work, colour play - the list goes on!
This was my inspiration - a photograph of Point Atkinson Lighthouse at sunset taken by my DH.
the inspiration
and this is where I progressed to.  The lighthouse needs a lot more work, but you get the idea, right?!
Point Atkinson Lighthouse IP

Off to join a friend for some stitiching and tea this morning, and then clean up and sort out my kitchen!  Yaaaay!  While not done all the little finicky finishing bits, I do have a fully functional kitchen again!
Happy quilting!


Beth said...

Good news all around for you hu??
Glad you got into the doll quilt swap.
Happy for you that you have a functional kitchen again. Enjoy.

Maggi said...

A lovely postcard. Lucky you to have attended the Gloria Loughman workshop. She had an exhibition at the Festival of Quilts a couple of years ago and her work is stunning. She was also the guest on the most recent TQS show.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That photograph is sensational! And your interpretation of it is quite incredible!!! I LOVE your pieced sky. : ) The entire piece is quite enthralling really!!!

Hooray for your kitchen! And, the swap too!

Rachel said...

Love the little postcard. That button is so sweet!

And Wow! Your lighthouse quilt is amazing. The photograph is beautiful too, but your rendition of the picture in fabric is incredible!

Happy to hear your kitchen is almost done. You must be overjoyed!

PatchworkPottery said...

Oh Janet! The lighthouse quilt is fabulous! I love it!!! I have a great time and look forward to our quilting & tea next monday morning!
PS My tea cozy plans changed slightly but it's turning out fabulous! Both sides are NOT the same! I finished quilting the sides and I am busy embroidering the saying tonight :o)
Hugs, L xoxox

Joan said...

Your quilt from the photo is fantastic as is you lovely postcardthat you recieved Are the post cards on a heavy paper or on a parchment. They are intriguing.

aubirdwoman said...

one three lettered word W O W