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Monday, July 5, 2010

knock a couple off the UFO list!

Yay!! I had a productive weekend.  After getting my 4x6er's postcards done last week, I have now managed to finish off what I believe is my oldest UFO.  I started these placemats at least 6 years ago after taking a Seminole piecing class.  They languished until a few weeks ago when I pulled them out and quilted them, and now this weekend I finished the binding on them. 

Then, as I just had a bit of the blue floral leftover, I pulled out a little stitchery I did last summer, and bordered it with it to make a matching little wall "plaque".
I think the two will go in my giving box so I have an easy housewarming type present available.
Placemats and wall "plaque"

Yesterday morning I received an email from Victoria of Bumble Beans Inc and Say Cheese fame, asking how my self portrait was coming along - had I ever finished it?  Well it was just the kick in the butt gentle nudge I needed, and I'm happy to say that yesterday I bordered, quilted and almost finished binding the little bugger, and now I just have a little bit of the binding left to sew down, which I'm about to take out into the sunshine to finish off!  Can I say "done!"?
Now to figure out what closet this is going to take up residence in!

Hope you had a happy productive weekend of sewing!


SheilaC said...

You've been busy!

That self portrait is cool :)


Beth said...

Nice placemats and litte wallhanging. Want to come to my house. LOL
Your self portrait is really cool. you should hang it somewhere not stash it in a closet.
Can't wait to see what comes next!

a good yarn said...

You must feel quite chuffed to have these projects completed. The wallhanging is super! Ann :-)

a good yarn said...

You must feel quite chuffed to have these projects completed. The wallhanging is super! Ann :-)

Unknown said...

I love the placemats...they turned out really pretty and what a great idea for housewarming gift...someone will love them....
Dont you dare put that portrait in a closet...get a mat and a frame and hang it up! it turned out so fun.....