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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

there must have been a hurricane

how else to explain this?
did Earl make a west coast visit
and this
hurricane central
This is what my sewing area looked like last weekend - I swear, Hurricane Earl made a west coast detour!
I had reached the point - yeah, I know, it took a while - where I could no longer find what I needed, and the mess was too much, even for me.
So last weekend I buckled down and before you knew there was a floor
there is a floor
and even room to sew!
room to sew
A quick trip to IKEA and I had a new bookshelf to help organize some of my crap fabulous fabrics and sewing tools.
new bookcase
Once I was semi organized again - as you can see, my neat isn't really that neat - I was able to do some more sewing, and as I wanted something quick, another mug rug was in my future.  Fun, fast and functional!
new mugrug

This weekend I'm going to an all day sewing retreat hosted by Krista over at Poppyprint.  I am so looking forward to this - spending a day quilting - not worrying about food or anything AND getting to meet some other quilting buddies - my idea of heaven!  Now I just have to sort out what to take - I'm sure there will be more than a couple of mug rugs in the mix, maybe a postcard or two, but I also have hopes of getting some quilting done on this
Figgy Duff??
This picture was taken last January, and there this top has sat.  Christmas is approaching far too fast, and I want this one done!
Wish me luck!
Happy quilting!


Rachel said...

Ha! Your sewing room closely resembled mine (before I cleaned it). Maybe Earl DID make a trip out this way!

I love your little mug rug. When I first saw these trendy mini-quilts I thought, "Why would anyone want one of those?" Now I want one because they're just so cute... and so much smarter looking than a coaster. Hmmm... a project for the Friday Night Sew-In this weekend?

Have fun with Krista at your sewing retreat. What fun! And good luck finishing your quilt. :)

felicity said...

Hooray for an organized sewing space! And double hooray for quilting retreats - looking forward to sewing my head off with you, Krista and lots more new quilting pals.

Maggi said...

I get to that stage from time to time and then just have to stop sewing and tidy. Isn't it great though finding things that you had forgotten you had? Have a lovely time at your retreat.

Melissa ;-) said...

OMG - I had to do a double take!!! I thought for a minute there that you had pics of my sewing room on your blog! At first I was mortified, but then I saw the pics of the floor and the workspace and I was thrilled! But now I am dejected as I realize it isn't my room at all and all my fabulous fabric and sewing supplies still need to be picked up and organized. Loved the mug rug!

Beth said...

My sewing room looks like that a lot.Then I clean us a little and it starts all over.
Cute mug rug! Have fun at your retreat.

2ne said...

It looks like you have done a big job. And it also makes it easier for you to make a new quilt :-) Have a great week end

Christine said...

That's just how my dining room looks when I finish a quilt! I love the mug rug- thanks for the idea :)