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Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a weekend!

I had a very busy week last week - in fact the last few weeks - at work, and quilting and sewing had definitely been left behind.  Not so this weekend.  While Friday night wasn't a sewing night, it was our guild meeting, and that just got the juices flowing.  Late Saturday morning I headed down to the Boundary Bay Quilters quilt show, and let me tell you, what a treat!  There were some fabulous quilts on display.  After all the inspiration there, I was itching to go home and stitch.
I had a number of projects that had to be done this weekend so that they can go in the mail this week.  One of them I started at the Quilting Retreat I went to a couple of week's ago hosted by Krista of Poppyprint.  My original thought was to make a landscape style mug rug for the Flickr Scrappy mug rug swap.  But I got a little carried away, and my end result was just too big to be called a mug rug - but I love how it's turning out, and will finish it off as a wonderful little wall quilt.
the mug rug that grew
But, with this now out of the running as a mug rug, I had to come up with something else.  I've been wanting to do more of the fabric weaving like I did on this mini quilt, and thought why not?  I grabbed some fabric, sliced away, and then started weaving it.  I had a couple of false starts as I didn't like the way the pattern was progressing, but soon sorted it out.  In order to hold everything together, I use a really light weight fusible interfacing as a backing, and work on my ironing board.  Once I get the weaving done, a quick press with the iron and it doesn't shift around on me. Unfortunately, I was having so much fun, I forgot to stop and take pictures along the way!  I decided I'd try cutting a circle in it and appliquing a patch over the back (is this reverse applique?)  Then I thought, why don't I try the inverse of that as well?  So here are the two versions I came up with
A lake from outer space?

Quilter's Earth
That was about as far as I got last night.  This morning after making some Rhubarb Oatmeal muffins for breakie - yummy! - I decided to make up a couple of little house blocks I needed to do for another swap.  These were fun, and used up some scraps - gotta like that!
little houses
These will be going in the mail tomorrow.  Then it was time to go back to the mug rugs.  They looked kinda neat, but a little too plain.  I know, I got that really cool pattern for a Canada Goose in flight awhile back - I think it would be perfect!  Found the pattern, and then reduced it by half for the "moon", and came up with these:
mug rug2
mug rug1
A little quilting, bindings on, just need to stitch them down tomorrow night at my local stitching group, and these two will be ready to mail!
mug rug pair
Oh, it feels good to be sewing again!
Happy quilting!


Iceni UK said...

Janet, I am in awe of all your quilting designs.

My friend, you are a fantastic quilter.
Hugs for you.

Holly said...

You are so talented, Janet! I love the fabric weaving and the patchwork landscape it creates. Just like looking out of the window from a plane!

Beth said...

Love the weaving, and the circles you added then geese. They are great!
I like your mug mat that grew too. Can't wait to see it finished.

felicity said...

Janet, all of these projects are stunning. I *LOVE* how your landscape is turning out. And those mugrugs are to die for.

Maybe you could teach that fabric weaving to me after you give me a personal lesson on quilting feathers? (I'm not even joking).

trudys_person said...

I love your Canada Geese! I know some people think they are a pest, but I think they are beautiful! You are very talented!

Lynette said...

Hi - I found you at the Christmas Quilt Show and had to go exploring in your blog. I am just *enchanted* by so many of your projects! Thanks for sharing.