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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Saturday

peace dove
between getting the laundry done, dishes, packing my HV Lily up to take her in for some general maintenance and getting re-acquainted with my Mega Quilter - boy is it heavy!  I managed to get these done:
snowman    critter christmas

and then something for a different season and different technique!

Crayon technique
crayon technique
Hope you had a great Saturday, too!
Happy quilting!


aubirdwoman said...

fabulous as always :)
I too have been experimenting with crayons, fun aren't they.

Iceni UK said...

I love all of your postcards especially the Joy and flowers. :)

I have some crayons, but I haven't opened the packet yet, I seem to have stopped being creative at the moment!!!!

2ne said...

They are really great - lucky one who get one of these. I would've loved it :-)
Wich you a happy and kreative week.

Beth said...

Everyone a winner.
You really are busy. Take care not to get too tired out!
Happy Thanksgiving

Teresa said...

I really like the look of the crayon technique. How do you do it, Do you need special crayons?