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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to the bright new year!

I love when the new year starts so clear and sunny - gives a wonderful expectation of things to come!
In putting together a Flickr mosaic of some of the things I accomplished - i.e. actually finished! in 2010, it was a good year! 

2010 was busier than I thought!
most of what I did, but misses a few of the postcards
 But, I have to admit, it was also somewhat stressful at times - I did over extend myself with the number of swaps I committed to last year - nothing got missed or sent off late, but at times it was a struggle to stay on top of it all.  Add to that I joined a third quilt guild, and a small quilting group, and then all the committments that go along with that, and I went back to work.  Geeez! My darling hubby was just asking if I remember him!  Yup, sure do!  He's in my calendar and contact list!  We keep each other notified of what we're doing and where we're at by sending meeting requests to each other - coz he's just as busy as I am with photography groups and outings, hiking and snowshoeing.

Will anything change in this bright new year? Well, maybe a  bit - I'm going to be more judicious re what swaps I sign up for.  Hmmm - it's not quite noon yet on January 1, 2011, and I've already put my name in for the DQS10 (Doll Quilt Swap #10).  Sign-ups go until January 10, so if you are interested, this is a great swap - 200 or so enthusiastic quilters with some amazing designs.   It is so popular that a lottery is held for the spots available.  This is a great group!  But, this maybe one of the only swaps I jump into right off the bat in 2011.  I've got the 4x6ers postcard group as well, and that one is always fun - an amazing group of women in that one as well!
Since I'm not going to be doing so many swaps, what am I going to be doing?  Well, I'm going on a fabric diet - I am going to try and work entirely from my stash this year - with the exception of some thread and batting - my goal is to use up what I've got.  I've joined a Flickr group for inspiration on this one.  The Scrapbusters Challenge 2011.  I see a lot of donation quilts in my future - I've already got a few started as you saw in my last post, but instead of actually finishing off either of these two in 2010, I kept digging into the scrap bag and made another top!
back into the scrap bag
A few more strips to add, stitch it all together, and then the top will be finished
 I have started quilting the scrappy stars quilt, and the blue checkerboard is all pieced and ready to have the quilting plan laid out on it - I've got some great new stencils I want to try, and I do have plans on finishing these ones before next Friday - three two and a half more days off - can I do it??!!
And then of course, there are still all those UFOs on my sidebar - I really didnot make a lot of progress on those last year.  But, it's a bright new year, full of hope and promise!
What comes next for you?
Happy quilting!


felicity said...

Happy New Year, Janet! I'm doing stashbusting/fabric dieting too. I've made something of a switchover in my stash from traditional to more modern, and now it's time to use it!

aubirdwoman said...

Hppy New Year.
hahaha .... not joining swaps ....are we not? that was one of my things too. hahaha

Beth said...

You had some beautiful finishes. I like your scrap quilt, great colors.
I keep trying to go on a fabric diet too, but I keep falling off the wagon. Maybe I'll do better in 2011?!
Happy New Year