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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I owe you one

no, more like 3 or 5 posts by this time, but we'll start with 1!
Have I been doing a lot of sewing in my absence from blogging?  No, not really - in fact I've got some deadlines appearing very quickly that may have to undergo some modifications - one of them for sure. (don't you love the sound those deadlines make as they going flying past???)

See, my step daughter is getting married at the end of the month, and I've got this wedding quilt on the go - at the moment, it is on my design wall and looking like this:
on the design wall
Okay, it's not really crooked!
Not bad, if I really had the three weeks that the calendar would appear to say I have to get it finished.  In reality, I have 1 week - one week! eeeek! I am going home to Nova Scotia for a week starting on Friday, back here for a week, and then we head to WA state - do a little touring around, visiting and what not the week before the wedding.  So really, I've got that little bit of a short week stuck in the middle there to decide on and put the borders on, sandwich it, quilt it and bind it.  Hmmm.  I do not do all nighters well, and I don't think work will let me have some time off just to quilt it, so it will be late.  Upside is that they are going on a honeymoon and won't really need it until a little later, and of course, we've finally got summer, so it's too warm for a quilt...  Give me half a second, and I can justify anything.  Really!
I am happy with how it is looking, and am trying to figure out exactly how I will be quilting it.  I suspect this will be another one done with straight (or fairly straight!) quilting, although I may decide to make it even later still and go crazy with the quilting.  We'll see!

I've also got a Tangled Textiles Challenge reveal coming up on August 18 - yes, that is right in the middle of that short little week of the wedding quilt.  I've got my idea, I've even got a few of the components all sorted out.  I just need to find time to do something with this

and this.
and my embroidery machine and then I'll be able to celebrate!

and because I didn't show them to you in July, here are the July 4x6ers postcards that I sent - the theme on this one was Free Choice - so I choose to celebrate our friendship.

These were fun to make - I created some paper fabric, and then used brown paper bags and stamping.  Our next theme is "naked".  Ohh la la!  That is going to be an interesting one!  The idea was to send them naked - i.e. with no envelopes, but it has since been expanded, if we so choose!  Not sure where I'm going to end up on that one...

and to really inspire you, I think you should take a look at this quilt - I love it - it is so amazing and the detail is out of this world!  Cynthia is an amazing local artist - please go check out her website and blog and her fabrics on Spoonflower, I can bet you won't be disappointed!

Happy quilting!


dutchcomfort said...

You sound so busy Janet! I love the vibrant wedding quilt! Good luck with all the deadlines and enjoy your trip to Nova Scotia!

Lisa said...

Oh Janet, have fun. I do not envy your 'schedule.'

Calicojoan said...

Ohhhh do I love the quilt on your design wall. I have a lot of hand dyes and a vision now!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Loving that quilt, it looks like jewels. Good luck with your schedule. The postcards are a great idea and the Tangled Textiles challenge looks intriguing. Thanks for the link to Cynthia.

Beth said...

What a beautiful wedding quilt. No matrter how you will quilt it, it is going to be a great quilt and they will love it.
Have fun traveling.

Beverly said...

Yikes, what a calendar!! I hope you get to it all, and manage to enjoy the trips while you're doing it!

Cynthia F said...

Yay! Thank you so much for the links to my site! And the wedding quilt is looking amazing, very cool!!
(I'm going to add you to my links page too!)

Poppyprint said...

What a fabulous wedding quilt, Janet!! I love all the colour.
Have a wonderful trip 'down home' and good luck with your deadlines. I'm working on a biggie this week, too. Panic stations!

Those friendship postcards are very sweet - I bet everyone just loved them. You know I'll be standing by, awaiting the naked installment!

Renate said...

OMG! What a busy schedule you have. The wedding quilt looks scrumptious and I know that whatever quilting you decide to use, it will make the quilt even more beautiful. Safe travels. Can't wait to see the TT reveal. said...

lovely! Ps, we swap quilted postcards as is at postcardcottage fyi. If you ever want to! Link is on my page.Monika in Saskatoon