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Monday, September 19, 2011

I've hit a milestone!

Just last Thursday, I was taking a look at my blogger stats, and noticed that I had hit 100 followers!  Thank you all so much for hanging around for my random posts and bits of nonsense!  I appreciate each and everyone of you.  I started this blog a few years ago now, when I had taken a "sabbatical" from work. (Okay, I had thought I was finished with working, I was burnt out, ready for a change of pace, maybe even retirement, but in fact I just needed a breather and about a year later I did go back to work.  Same organization, different position.  But I digress.)  The blog was a way for me to document what I was doing and try to get an idea of the types of things I liked doing, and exploring different ideas and techniques.  When I started, I was quite heavily into making Irish Dance costumes.  Those days are over, and now it is quilting that is absorbing my time and interest.  I am so happy that you have followed along with me as I've tried to sort out What Comes Next? It has been incredibly fun and has been so lovely to have met so many of you along the way!   Thank you all!

The thing with milestones is they should be celebrated, so please keep checking in as I do want to celebrate with all of you, and I should have everything all sorted out in a day or two!  You know what that means don't you?  No?  Keep checking in and you'll find out!

Last week at my Little Group get together, a friend of mine, Sandi, who is a hooker (now now, not that kind of hooker, silly!) had made a lovely piece that she decided she didn't want to turn into another mat.  She asked if anyone could turn it into a pillow for her.  I told her I would, so I got to bring this lovely piece home with me - 

Sandi hand dyed the wool she used in this piece - beautiful fall colours, wouldn't you say?

I just love the look and feel of this - it is fabulous! 

Anyway, on Sunday I was looking for something to do, and knowing that Sandi was going off for a Hookers retreat this coming weekend, I turned it into a pillow.  

I think it turned out really well, and Sandi picked it up tonight and loves it!

You gotta love it when everything works out!

Happy quilting!


Rachel said...

Congrats on your 100 followers. I remember the dance costumes - amazing works of art. But then everything you do is a pretty amazing work of art. You constantly inspire me!

The pillow turned out lovely. How nice for you and your friend to combine your talents :)

Poppyprint said...

Congratulations Janet!! I have enjoyed watching your quilting over the past year ++, too. I love Sandi's new pillow. Her rugs are amazing.

Vicki Miller said...

congratulations, Janet! What a milestone! It's hard to believe you started quilting that recently. I thought you had been doing it for so long, your work is excellent. Also, love your friend's hooking.

Maggi said...

Congratulations on your 100 followers. That looks much better as a pillow than it would have done as a mat and just right for this time of the year. Fantastic dresses.

Unknown said...

congratulations on the big number!

Beth said...

Congrats on the 100 followers.
Love the pillow. It came out just beautiful. Love the colors and the design of the piece. said...

oh my that is gorgeous! I wanna be a hooker too when I grow up!

: )
stitching in Saskatoon said...

HAPPY 100!!!

Renate said...

100 Wow! Congratulations! would that be called a "centennial of followers"? As always, you inspire me.

Carrie P. said...

congrats on your milestone.
I love the pillow.

Beverly said...

That pillow looks lovely- I could alomost be tempted to start dyeing wool!! And congrats on the milestone

Cynthia F said...

Congrats Janet! And the pillow is beautiful, I wouldn't want to give it back! ;)

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Congratulations! It's so nice to find other quilters from the other side of the world! :)