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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Making slow progress

Work has been really busy this last little while, and I've not had a lot of energy to get much done in the evenings, but I am making some progress, albeit, slow!
I have finished the feathers on my Coin quilt (see earlier blog here) and am working on the big scale cross hatching of the coins themselves, and some filler quilting around the feathers.  I started working on this at the VMQG Sew-in on Sunday, but it just didn't want to happen - broke a needle, had my smaller sewing bed with me and it has sharper edges, so I kept catching the quilt so it wasn't flowing smoothly, and then I ran out of bobbin thread.  I just took it as a sign to put it away and work on something else!  Here's what it looks like so far - I'm loving the textures on this!
progress on Coins quilt

(I did piece a table runner after that, but will post about it later, after I've taken some photographs, as well as my Habitat challenge reveal).

Last night I did get some quilting done and managed to finish all the quilting on my African Collage.  After keeping pretty much to just outline stitching and stitch in the ditch in the centre, I wanted to do something more interesting in the borders.  See the frame that surrounds each of the animals?

I used that as my inspiration and had a lot of fun with it, doing a whole slew of different free motion quilted designs.  It doesn't show much from the front, as the black on black print pretty much hides it all,
the quilting doesn't really show

but I do like how it looks from the back!
African Collage border quilting

Here's what all the quilting looks like from the back
Back of African Collage

I just need to bury a few more threads, bind it and add the beads down the side, and then I can call it done!

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Happy quilting!


Anna Sonata said...

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Gina said...

Sorry about the mishaps at the Sew-in but wow, your quilting is beautiful on all these pieces!

mtnquiltr said...

Wow! Your FMQ is fantastic! The feathers are beautiful, and I love what you did with the African quilt.

Leanne said...

Your quilting is spectacular!

Peggy said...

Lovely, lovely quilting!

elle said...

Texture on the coins is terrific. I luv strippies. I got some cool ideas for stamps from your wonderful African Collage.

Beth said...

The coins are looking great. Your quilt with the African fabrics is just amazing. The quilting is fantastic!
Doesn't matter how fast it gets done. Enjoy.

Holly said...

Your quilting is gorgeous, as always! It looks very cool on the back of the African quilt.

Joan said...

Your quilting is so beautiful!

M-R Charbonneau said...

Beautiful FMQ! I love how you combined the patters -- it works perfectly with the front. Well done!

Helen in the UK said...

The quilting on both projects is wonderful! Particularly like the variety of patterns/textures you've worked into the African piece :)