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Friday, March 30, 2012


or is it avoidance?  Either way, right now I just can't seem to get myself motivated to do those things that are on my "to do" list.  Last weekend I did some cleaning and sorting in my sewing space, which only made me realize there is so much more I need to do - where did all this stuff come from?
In the process of sorting scraps and pieces that were less than a FQ in size, I decided to cut some of my blues to make a 10 minute block quilt.  One of my quilty friends, Brenda, demo'd this block at one of our recent get togethers, and I decided I had to give it a try.  Check here for a video of the process - it really is easy!  I cut enough to make a quilt that is 5x7 blocks and will be about 45"x63" without borders and sashings.  This didn't even dent the pile of blues, and added yet one more item to my afore mentioned list!  Of course, after doing the cutting, I had to see just how they would go together.  (This was in the midst of trying to sort/clean up my space - do you do that?  Complete distraction.  Create more mess in the middle of the big mess that you've created trying to sort out the mess in the first place!)  I think they will make a great quilt, that will end up being a donation quilt to somewhere, I'm sure!
10 minute blocks
speaking of donation quilts - did you notice the new button on my side bar? Siblings Together - I signed up this morning to help with a few blocks for this cause that Lynne from Lily's Quilts is promoting.  Please pop over here to get all the details, but in a nutshell, it is a UK initiative that promotes positive relationships for siblings that have been separated by the care system.  They hold camps for the kids to get together and spend time with each other.  The hope is that they will be able to send each participant home with a quilt to remind them of their good times together.  While the cost to send a finished quilt to the UK would be prohibitive for me, I can easily send a few blocks along that a willing volunteer will turn into a quilt.  Here's what I'm going to send - these were so quick to make up, I will probably do a few more before I send them off.

Check out the Flickr group for more beautiful blocks and quilts and more information on this great initiative.
Now, what was it I was supposed to be doing today???

Happy quilting!


elle said...

Oh, I'm right there with you making a mess in the middle of trying to fix a bigger one. Ain't we got fun??? lol The blocks really are nice, all of them.

dutchcomfort said...

Love your blue blocks and I’m with you that cleaning up my sewing space end up in even more projects that are started...

Vicki Miller said...

I love the blue blocks, so calm and serene. Don't ask about my messes, they are just too big, lol

Peggy said...

The best things just come out of those cleaning days, don't they!! Lovely blocks, great cause!

Beth said...

I do that too. Make more mess while attempting to tame the exsisting mess.

Renate said...

Oh I'm so there with all of you...making a mess in the bigger mess...but what a way to come up with more inspiration!