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Sunday, June 24, 2012

We have sun today!

That meant I had to get out in the garden for awhile.  What with being a way for three weeks, and the miserable weather we've had this year, it was in desperate need of some attention.  I foresee many many more hours (days?!!) to get it looking half decent.  Ah well, it does look nice when it is all cleaned up.
This doesn't mean that I didn't get any sewing in this weekend.  On the contrary.
Friday was a day off work, and I did do some playing and practicing for this month's FreeMotion Quilting Challenge, with SewCalGal.  This month's expert is Cindy Needham, who does the most incredible work - so completely inspiring!  Her tutorial is a good one, and while I've been slow in getting to it this month, I know I will be spending more time going through the process again and again, after all, don't they say you have to spend 10,000 hours on something to become really good at it?  It's a good thing I enjoy this!
Here's a few pictures of what I did:
cc June checkerboard
closeup June FMQ practice 
and then a little zentangle inspired quilting - this one's not done yet, need to fill in that last space.

in progress
That was a lot of fun and I will be playing some more with it.  I also worked on another project which will get it's own post - stay tuned!

Saturday was an awesome Quilt By the Bay day with Krista/Poppyprint.  Krista holds these 13 hour retreats on a pretty regular basis, and I was lucky enough to get in on yesterday's due to some cancellations.  This was my 4th or 5th time going and it is always so much fun.  I sewed and sewed and sewed, and now have a wonderful stack of these completed - with only a single round left to go on the remaining ones.  Silly me, I miscounted my corner squares and was a few short, so have to cut some more.
Pineapple Blossom blocks, pattern by Bonnie Hunter
I can't wait to piece some more together to add to this.
After putting this away, it was time to play some more on this, my practice quilt.  I am approaching this quilt with no plan, and am merely practicing quilting designs in various parts of the quilt.  Even being so hap-hazard, I am really liking how this is turning out!
I worked on the sashing strips between the rows.
practice play
and a few more fills in various areas. The view from the back
back2 back1
It's getting there!

Tomorrow night is the wrap-up dinner for my Little Group for the summer.  We're going out for dinner, and then we'll be revealing our projects from a Disappearing 4 Patch challenge.  Should be a lot of fun!
Happy quilting!


felicity said...

The sun was indeed lovely today! Everything looks beautiful here, as usual, Janet - I am really enjoying your monthly FMQ challenges!

Michelle said...

Wow -- that is some impressive quilting!

Poppyprint said...

I just love how committed you are to learning more and stretching your FMQ skills Janet. I need to do more trying and your results are very inspiring. It was great to have you at retreat yesterday!

Holly said...

Glad you got both sewing time and gardening time in this weekend, Janet! It's fascinating to see all the different quilting patterns you try out.

elle said...

zentangle quilting! duh, I should have thought of that myself. lol Everything looks very good. The pineapple blocks are very cute.

Beth said...

I am totally in love with your pinapple blocks. The blue with the black and white just sings.
The FMQ is just stunning as always.

Quilter Kathy said...

Amazing quilting! Great job!

Wendey Stenerud said...

Love the zentangle! Been playing around with this myself but you are awesome as usual.

Wendey -from the Little Group...