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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Still waiting

but they tell us it should be arriving this week, so that's a good thing - a very good thing!  What am I waiting for?  Summer to arrive!  Compared to most of the rest of North America, indeed the northern hemisphere, we've been stuck with some unseasonably cold weather.  I believe we only had, at best, 3 days in June that reached the 20C mark (68F) - most of the month has been around 15C (59F), or cooler, and damp - which is unreal when you consider the heat wave that has been hitting other parts of this country and the USA!  But, they are telling us that by the end of this week, we should be getting some sunshine and hotter weather - I sure hope so!  I need to thaw out!

It is hard to believe that a month ago that I was in Halifax at Quilt Canada, and I've never shown you the results of the workshops I took.  In my defense, I've only been home a couple of weeks, and the box of projects arrived back about a week after I did, and the weather hasn't cooperated for picture taking, and I guess I could go on...

Without further ado,
Making Faces with Susan Tilsley Manley  This was fun!  We started with a photograph and reproduced it in fabric.  I didn't get this one finished, but I will!

Then there was a workshop with Anna Hergert using indigo The Power of Blue and White: Ancient Indigo - this was a lot of fun, and I will be doing more of it - it is so neat to watch it change from a greenish colour as it comes out of the dye vat, to the wonderful indigo as it reacts to the air.  We did some shibori style resists, and while they take some time to prepare, you get such wonderful patterns.  I can see more happening along these lines!

Indigo play  
The last workshop I took was with Gunnel Hag, The Power of Pattern.  Another super fun class, using her Colourvie system and everyday and found items we did some painting, stenciling, printing and stamping - do you have any idea how many neat designs you can get from a potato masher???

The Power of Pattern

Not sure what I'm going to do with my wonderful pieces, but I'll come up with something!

Happy quilting!


elle said...

potato masher? the more I learn the more of a believer I am. lol Great classes. Heat wave happening. Pehaps some will work over to you. I'm a tad uncomfortable! ;^)

felicity said...

i have every confidence you'll come up with a lot of wonderful somethings! Happy WIP Wednesday - I heard a rumour about a large yellow orb that is due to show up in our sky tomorrow. Not sure what that's about.

Lisa said...

Wonderful pieces! Sorry you aren't having a warm summer... I am finally outside long enough to enjoy it here!

Maggi said...

Exciting samples. Very impressed with the portrait piece. We're having the same wait for summer over here too. I'm thinking of taking a boat to tonight's quilt group instead of the car.

sherry said...

waiting the portrait...make sure to post it when you are finished

Holly said...

Hooray, I think that summer is here (at least for a few days)!

Looks like you had a lot of fun at Quilt Canada workshops. I love the blue and white stamped crosses.

Helen in the UK said...

Wow, that face is amazing :)