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Saturday, December 15, 2012

How did that happen?

How did it get to be the middle of December already?  I'm still looking for November, and am so not ready for Christmas right around the corner!
As you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging, not doing a lot of commenting either, and really, not a lot of sewing and quilting.  I have been doing a little knitting, as that seems to fit my mood these days.
I did realize that I never showed a full picture of my "Flowers for Cynthia" quilt here.  This quilt was finished on my get away weekend, way back in November, and was shown at the last VMQG.  Check out the link to see some of the other wonderful creations made from Cynthia's fabric.  There are a few pictures of my quilt floating around on the internet from that meeting, and from the retreat, but here's my picture.
Flowers for Cynthia
did you know it is really hard to get a picture of a white quilt in our dismal grey Vancouver weather?
I've got to say I love how this one turned out.  I love the contrasts and the textures.  I have submitted it to QuiltCon and hope to hear whether or not it was accepted - fingers crossed!

yes, that back ground should be white

I have been working away on my Scrapbag challenge swap for the VMQG, but I'll wait until after Monday to show pictures of that.  Okay, I got carried away, but the fabrics were just so lovely, I couldn't help myself!

Last night we got to do a little babysitting - what fun!  Ms. Chloe wasn't exactly impressed with us the whole time, but baby, Mum, Dad and grandparents all survived the evening.  This was the first time Chloe and Mum had been separated for any length of time - 4 hours - so it will be even better next time!

Today I will be finishing some quilting on my scrapbag challenge, and then maybe trying to get a little Christmas to appear around the house.  Hope you are having a good weekend and the holiday spirit is making an appearance at your home!

Happy quilting!


elle said...

Chloe is delightful. Those flowers are wonderful. What a great job of quilting it! Christmas comes, ready or not! What is, is! :)

M-R Charbonneau said...

That quilt is fabulous, Janet and Chloe is adorable. I'm just in awe of your quilting! If my son's birthday wasn't in it, I'd say just scrap November altogether -- who needs it, really? :)

Lynette said...

What a cool quilt! It will undoubtedly be accepted. :D

Renate said...

Ms. Chloe looks so peaceful! Hold her close and tight and enjoy the blessing.

As for your crystal ball shows a Quiltcon brochure with your quilt in it. How can they not accept it? It's stunning!!!

Helen in the UK said...

Love those changes in texture you created with the quilting. Hope it does get accepted for Quiltcon. Happy holiday season :)

Joan said...

What beautiful pictures... and how beautiful Chloe is! Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year...nice to see you there still :)

Beth said...

Chloe is so beautiful. Her hair is so cute.
Love your quilt, you can uncross your fingers, it is a sure thing!
I am having trouble finding my Christmas spirit this year. I did finish shopping yesterday so maybe I can drag out some decorations later today. Maybe. ;)
Merry Christmas!

Kristie said...

Janet, your quilt tuned out amazing!! LOVE the quilting, if it isn't chosen for QuiltCn they are insane. And Chloe...what a cutie!

Maggi said...

The quilt is just great. Good luck for getting it accepted. Looked at the VMQG site and there are some amazing things on there.

Vicki Miller said...

This desrves to be accepted - as usual, your quilting is amazing. I know what youmean about time - it just seems to dissappear