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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I've been working on a few things this week, managing to fit a bit of time at the sewing machine most evenings.  It has meant that I have made progress on my Wave Runner WIP
 - in fact I am actually working on quilting the borders -

FMQ border
modified Piano key border, only 2 and a half sides to go!

yay!  the end is near!

And, just because I still have fabric lying all over and I got distracted, I grabbed a couple of Candy Bars of Bonnie & Camille's Bliss and had some fun.



or pink

Which do you think I should use for the background - the aqua or the pink?
(edit - my inspiration and starting point for this block can be found here which uses Bonnie Hunter's String-X block as a starting point.  I choose to just use the Candy bar to piece the centre strips)

and, because I got the day right this week, I'm going to link up to

 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Happy quilting!


momiji said...

Gorgeous! I love how the Wave Runner quilt is shaping up, and I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished!

Beverly said...

The wave runner quilt does look great- your quilting is always drop dead gorgeous! As for the background, what about a taupe or chocolate? I think that might make the other colors really sing. Just a thought!

Maggi said...

Lovely to see Wave Runner almost finished. I prefer the aqua background but probably I'm not a huge fan of too much pink.

Barb said...

I like the aqua background, but the pink is less expected. I do like the previous commenters idea of chocolate too.

Peg said...

I stand amazed at your quilting skill! I would go with the aqua, but that's just because I'm not a pink person, so maybe not the best to be commenting.

elle said...

It looks like aqua by a landslide! ;);)

Anonymous said...

I like the aqua too, but like the others I'm not a very big fan of pink :D It's not that it looks bad on pink, I just look at it and think how I wouldn't want that much pink. (So really: I think you should do what you like best!)

Heather said...

Ok, I gotta go with the aqua. I like pink but I just love aqua!!!

Regina said...

The aqua background looks better. And your quilt has not only great colours, but interesting piecing too!