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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Peace and quiet - that's what it's been around here lately.  But this weekend maybe it will be piece and quiet?! 

The former - probably; the latter - not a chance!  I'm off tomorrow for 4 days of a quilting retreat - and I can guarantee quiet is not on the list of activities!
I've got some big plans - quilting progress required on this one:

a couple of small quilts to be quilted - (a baby quilt and a challenge quilt), a needlebook to be made, a block lottery block (or two) to be made, and maybe even some piecing progress on this one,

And I have thrown some "just in case" fabric in my bags for when I finish get frustrated and thrown in the towel on all of the above.
Maybe, just maybe, I'll have some real progress shots to show after the weekend!

Hope you are looking forward to a quilty kind of weekend!

Please remember to pause on November 11 and think of all the freedoms we enjoy and just why we enjoy them.

Happy quilting!


upstateLisa said...

Have fun!

elle said...

I'm remembering. You have a great weekend!

Peg said...

May not be quiet (never been on a quiet retreat yet), but sure will be fun! Have a good time!

Beth said...

A quiet never happen. LOL Have a great time!

dutchcomfort said...

I hope you had lots of fun!

Maggi said...

Have a lovely time at your retreat. You've certainly got enough to keep you busy.