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Sunday, January 26, 2014

It doesn't happen often

but right from the start, I knew this quilt was for me.  Usually, I make quilts in response to a challenge, or as a donation quilt, or just because.  This time, while it was in response to a challenge, the VMQG Michael Miller Cotton Couture challenge, I knew that this one was destined for me.

A few years ago I had made a Seven Sisters quilt for a swap - this quilt
DQS10 quilting finished!

I always really liked this quilt and wanted to make one for myself, but never got a round to it.  When I got the challenge fabrics at a VMQG meeting, I had approximately a 1/6th of a meter of seven of the citrus-y coloured fabrics.  They were gorgeous colours, and gorgeous fabrics.  I knew I wanted to make 6 pointed stars, so I started cutting.

Initially, I laid them out in the typical 6 around the 7th layout  It was nice, but I decided to play.  I opened out the circle, and played some more, and this is the layout I decided on.  I needed to fill in a lot of space.
More cutting ensued, more stars were cut, and before you know it, my 7 little cuts of fabric had morphed into a much bigger quilt - no longer destined for the wall, but the bed.

From this point I had to make it square, and well, that had this baby grow to an 86" square quilt.  I knew I wouldn't get it finished in time for the challenge, so I switched gears and made this one in time for the challenge.

The last several weeks have been spent quilting this in darn near every spare minute I had, and tonight I finished the quilting!  Did you hear me cheer???

quilted star

star quilted


The quilting was not without its frustrations - between sorting out thread shredding, bobbin backlash and what do you call it when the top thread gets sucked in and makes an awful mess on the back? I did a lot more reverse stitching than I normally do!  
Now, to get it squared up and bound - that will be my evenings this week.

Happy quilting!


Furball Farm Quilting said...

It's a beauty, so worth the frustrating part of quilting!

Kristie said...

wow, just WOW!! It is amazing, Janet!

Beth said...

Totally amazing. Love the colors. And the quilting is stunning, even if it gave you a bit of trouble.

felicity said...


elle said...

I do here the cheering. I also like that feather that you stitched in each diamond. Lovely!

Vicki Miller said...

As usual, gorgeous quilting. I am always amazed by your technique and the results!

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

Beautiful! Will you bring it to a VMQG meeting when it's finished . . . so we can all drool with admiration?

Renate said...

I see you got the thread shredding tamed and the exquisite quilting all done! I'll add my YAHOO! to the one I hear you yelling! LOL

Ulla's Quilt World said...

So lovely! :)
Greetings from Finland!
Hugs, Ulla

Farm Gate Creations said...

Oh boy am I cheering looks fantastic.