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Sunday, January 12, 2014


That was our Tangled Textiles challenge theme, and today was reveal day hop on over and see how many ways we portrayed this theme - so much fun!

In thinking about this theme, I couldn't stop thinking about how entwined music is in our lives - from the first lullabies we hear, right through to our final funeral march, we are surrounded by music our entire lives, and music helps to form the fabric of our being.  This thought became the driving force of my piece - Music - Woven into the fabric of our lives.

Music - woven

To read about how I created this one, check out my Tangled Textiles post.

Happy quilting!


Maggi said...

I really like this piece.

elle said...

What a great integration of techniques that support how music weaves in and through our lives. :)

Beth said...

The woven fabric is so perfect. I love the fabrics and the techniques you used. What a wonderfully creative piece and it says exactly what you wanted it to say.