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Sunday, October 12, 2014


washed and daylightIt's the long Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I've been puttering away at finishing up some projects that have been sitting far too long.  I started these two preemie quilts at a retreat back in April.  Figured it was high time I finished them off!

The strip and slice was pieced and needed quilting.  I decided on some organic wavy lines filled in with bouncing C's.

I like the texture created.

With the second one I was nearly finished the quilting, but after getting home from the retreat, it just sat.  Finished it off - an overly knotty piece of wood, I'd say!  



Then, because I'd been good and finished two projects off - complete with binding and labels, I figured I had earned some play time!  I had made six 4.5" log cabin style blocks for a block lottery at VMQG, but then I was unable to attend the meeting.

They were calling to me!

And since I'm not really good at cleaning up between projects, the scraps and fabrics I had used initially were still out.  I made the blocks larger, and played with some layouts, then started filling in the spaces.


The top is finished, my quilting is planned - maybe tomorrow before heading off for turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy quilting!


elle said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Janet. I thought maybe C's weren't for me but you are making me thing again. I'm thankful for all your inspiration!!!

Leanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving. You have beautiful projects happening at your house!

Linda said...

Great projects! Love the bouncing "c" design.

Renate said...

Happy Thanksgiving Janet! Maybe I should try puttering too. Love the FMQ designs especially the C's.

Arita said...

Happy Thanksgiving Janet. I got to do some puttering today too. I think those improv blocks weren't meant to go to VMQG, your blocks look great and I know the quilting will be amazing.

LynCC said...

I really love the texturing on those quilts! The knotty one is something I've been wanting to try, and just haven't gotten to a top yet that wants it.

Maggi said...

Lovely finishes and the blocks are very pretty.

tusen said...

Beautiful quilting, I especially love the knotty wood. And the top looks great too.

Beth said...

hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I do love those 'c's. I might be able to do them.

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I love the quilting on both quilts! And your new quilt is looking great, too!

Vicki Miller said...

Gorgeous quilting! You are a master, you know.