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Monday, September 29, 2014

Around the World blog hop

It’s my turn on this worldwide blog hop!  Last week I was tagged by Karen at easypatchwork.  Karen is a wonderful creative soul, an American, replanted in Germany, where she creates and quilts, and by the sound of it, always has a coffee pot on to welcome visitors.  I’d love to sit at Karen’s table and have a chat one day.  Karen has just recently returned from the Carrefour EuropeĆ©n du Patchwork in Marie-aux-Mines, Alsace, France.  It sounds completely wonderful, and oh so inspiring – read about her impressions here .  Next up on her list is a retreat in a chalet in the French Alps! Patchwork at the Peaks   Can you imagine anything more delightful??!!  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

So, the intent of this blog hop is to let people know what you are working on, how your work differs from others, why you do what you do, and how you do it.  You then tag a few others so that they, too, can participate.

What am I currently working on?  Well, that is a loaded question – maybe it would be better to say what am I not working on?  I am one of those folks who jumps around from project to project, and is very easily distracted into creating something new.  I currently have a thread painting piece prepped and ready to go, which should have some thread added to it today.  This was from a workshop with Lenore Crawford at Quilt Canada 2014
I’ve got several projects on my cutting table that are looking to have a few more pieces sewn together,

a set of X&+ blocks that I won that are begging to be sewn together,

and quilting to be done on my Pineapple Blossom quilt (a Bonnie Hunter design),
and I’ve got three challenges that I’m working on – a mandala quilt for Tangled Textiles, developing a new theme for a workshop series that I participate in, and designing and quilting my first wholecloth.  These three items are still all in the design stage as scribbles in my notebook.  With all of that already on the active list (I’m not even going to mention the dozens of WIPs buried around my studio, or the UFOs that I have lost track of), yesterday I saw some fabric sitting together on top of a box, and was immediately inspired to cut into it and start a new quilt!

Does my work differ from others?  Maybe, maybe not – I guess that depends on who you are!  I like to develop my own designs most of the time, although I love taking workshops to learn new techniques (these then tend to end up in my UFO pile!) I love working intuitively and letting the fabric tell me what to do.  I like “what if…?” questions.  I love working to a challenge.  I seem to need a deadline in order to actually finish anything.  I love to “quilt the crap” out of my pieces, to quote a fellow member of the VMQG.

I bounce between traditional, modern and art quilting, and am quite happy in all genres, it just depends on my mood!

I quilt because I love it – I love the idea of creating something that is uniquely mine.
I love the process of creating, of conquering a challenge, of having something tangible to show at the end.  But, as soon as I finish something, it gets put aside and I’m on to the next one – those questions just never stop!

Am I fickle?  Sure!  One day it is fiddly piecing – getting everything to line up just so, another it is wide open spaces to play with the quilting – to create texture and pattern where there was none.
I love seeing if I can create the same type of work on my domestic machine as a long armer can.
It’s the challenge!  Can I do it?  As long as I can keep answering that question, I will continue to do what I do.

feather border

I’m not going to actually tag anyone to participate in the blog hop, rather, I am going to point you in the direction of a couple of blogs that I find inspiring, and I hope you stop by and visit them and say hello.  These are folks that I have met through participating in challenge groups or swaps, or just by checking out lots of different blogs.  Some you might already know, all are worth a visit!

Vicki at FibreArt – creates lovely collages, and keeps me inspired with her posts
Terry Aske Art Quilt Studio – always has a beautiful piece of work to share, in a variety of techniques
Carolyn at Artystuff – gorgeous realistic art quilts
Margaret Solomon Gunn  - Sewing & Quilt Gallery – incredible quilts and quilting shares her design process

I hope you enjoy them!
Happy quilting! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

It’s Time for Colour!

Way back at the end of July, while I was back east visiting family (it feels so long ago now!), I received an invitation from the Canadian Quilters' Association (CQA/ACC) to participate in their first ever travelling quilt show.

CQA/ACC has a mandate to promote quilters and quilt making in Canada; to increase membership in CQA/ACC and to raise funds for a worthwhile charity.  To help in accomplishing this, they approached some award winning quilters from past Canadian National Juried Shows to see if they would be interested in participating, the idea being that there would be two quilt shows travelling around the country from January 2015 to May 2015, the quilts would all be for sale, but they would all be shown together at Quilt Canada 2015 in Lethbridge, Alberta before being sent off to their new owners.  All proceeds raised would be going to -  “The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada”.  It just all sounded wonderful to me - I'm honoured to have been included based on my win last year for the quilting on my "Flowers for Cynthia", so I said a resounding YES!

The quilt had to be 12"x 16", portrait orientation and be based on the theme ‘It’s Time for Colour!’  I had a F8 bundle of hand dyed silks that had been curing for quite some time that I figured would be just the ticket.
aren't they gorgeous?
narrowed my choices
some simple piecing then a little trapunto

all trimmed
the fun begins
 Yes, I am still having so much fun playing with long arm rulers with my sewing machine, I had to do a little more zen-like quilting!  Love the movement!


and here she is - Whirligig

Whirligig 8x10

Hanging sleeve and label then she's on her way - I'm looking forward to seeing them all on display!

If you are interested in joining CQA/ACC, I've got a permanent link on my sidebar now.

Happy quilting!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


It was a Tangled Textiles reveal day today!  Here's what I created


You can see more pictures and read about my process and inspiration over here.

Happy quilting!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

VMQG Mini Quilt swap

we had our VMQG meeting last night and did our mini quilt swap - what a lot of wonderful quilts changed hands!  Wow!  I am always blown away by the creativity of everyone.

This was a secret swap - we knew who we were creating for, but not who was making for us.  I consider myself extremely luck to have been matched up with Terry Aske - Terry does such incredible work - just check out some of her work in her gallery and in her Etsy shop. She's a good friend and travelling buddy and I am thrilled that she made me this quilt!

This is the incredible piece I received
it's MINE!

 I am really loving teals and turqouise these days and Terry came through!  Isn't if fabulous? I love everything about it, including the sections of the quilting done in different colours - the white against the teal as shown below, and a darker turquoise on the lighter fabric, visible in the above photo on the right hand side.  PERFECT!!!!  Thank you Terry!
love the bit of white against the turquoise
What is really fun is that I got Terry's name to create for!  Terry's preferences were for asymmetrical, improv piecing, flying geese, black, white, chartreuse, and definitely no Sunbonnet Sue's!  (That was a good thing as I would have had a really hard time bringing myself to make something with that little girl on it!)  The other requests were right up my alley, so I put together this little quilt and then quilted the heck out of it!

VMQG mini swap
(sorry about the crappy picture - meant to take a better one before giving it away, but you know how that goes...)




For much better pictures of the front and the back, please go check out Terry's post!  She is not only a wonderful friend and quilter, she also knows how to take good pictures!

I think I still have a few more quilts in me using the long arm rulers - they are so much fun!
(I've also got to start working on my photography skills...)

Linking up to TN&TN this week.

Happy quilting!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

a little of this and a little of that

this week, for a bit of a change of pace from just quilting, I've been researching and sourcing various ideas for renos on two of our bathrooms; sanding, priming, and getting ready to paint (between rain!) a new set of stairs for our front porch, and deciding on what a two year old granddaughter would like for her birthday.  Definitely a "what comes next?" type of week!  Oh, and yes, there was a bit of quilting going on as well.

One bathroom reno will be pretty quick - a new vanity and sink and new paint - I've pretty much decided on this colour Tahitian Breeze by Behr which will be a big change from the red that it currently is!  The second one involves replacing the tub with a shower, moving windows, doors and closet, as well as flooring, tile work vanity and toilet, and will be a much more involved project. We do all the work ourselves, so it will take some time. Still trying to figure it all out...

Today I was hoping to get some paint on those porch stairs, but it is still threatening rain, so that is on hold at the moment.

Tomorrow is the birthday party, and seeing as the little miss is into Minnie Mouse these days, I wanted to make her something related, without being overly "Minnie".  This is what I came up with


I also picked up some books and things, all of which will go into this pillowcase/gift bag

Monday night is our VMQG meeting and the reveal of our Mini quilt swap quilts.  I'll just give you a quick peek, as I don't want to spoil any surprises, but lets just say I am still having fun with using the long arm rulers on my machine!



I'll show the full quilt after Monday's meeting.  Now, I have to get my head in gear for the next Tangled Textiles challenge, which is due pretty darn soon, and that's what comes next!

Happy quilting!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

back soon!

Hello! If you are popping over from the Sew Canadian blog tour through Mad About Patchwork - welcome!  Please take a look around.  I've just arrived back from a family visit and hope to have some new projects and updates soon.

Happy quilting!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


also known as Sunny Day!  we are having a beautiful weekend, and today we have a local street music festival to go to.  Should be lots of fun! But before that, here's what I've been working on this week.

I finished off the quilting on the last of the 3 donation quilt tops.  While I decided to do simple allover quilting in the  middle, I could not bring myself to continue it out into the final border, so that got a swirl treatment!


It was fun to do, but then in my book, what quilting isn't fun???

border closeup

Talk about fun - did you see the quilting that Amy at Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures posted earlier this week?  Zen quilting!  Inspired by a zentangle, she figured out how to quilt it using her long arm rulers, then posted a video.  I was so enthralled, that as soon as I finished the above quilting, I had to give it a try!
I found a piece of hand dyed fabric I had dyed ages ago, drew my square - 9", divided vertically, horizontally and diagonally into triangles, grabbed my ruler, and off I went!  It really was quite easy - you get into a real zen like flow.  I know, I should have used a higher contrast thread, but I'm all for the texture and not for the thread, but I just love how it has turned out!

Solar Flare


Then I wondered, what would it look like if I quilted around a square and not a triangle?  This time I did use a higher contrast thread

square spiral
6" square

Cool, what??!!  No idea yet what I'll do with these, but they were so fun and easy I know they'll be appearing again.  SO many shapes to try the technique out in...

Hope you are having a wonderful summer weekend.

Happy quilting!

p.s. - it is Sunday - don't forget to check out this week's Sew Canadian summer studio tour!