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Sunday, August 21, 2016

VMQG Showcase!

For the past week, almost all my quilty time has been spent getting things ready for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Showcase.

This is our first show and we are pretty excited about the quilts and the venue!  I really hope, if you are in the Vancouver area next weekend, that you take some time to come see.  The location is pretty fabulous all by itself - right next to the Lonsdale Quay.  Add some wonderful quilts into the mix, and it makes for a perfect outing in my opinion!  Being part of the organizing committee, I will be there all weekend, so come say "Hi!"

I did say it took almost all my time.  I did manage to get the binding on the three table runners from last weekend, two are machine done and finished:

I decided to hand-stitch the binding on the third one, and it is still in progress.

I've also been working on my black & white plus 1 colour challenge for the Blue Mountain Quilters Guild show in October.  Progress is being made!  Yay!

Happy quilting!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer stitching

I hope you've been having a great summer!  While we've had a mixed bag as far as the weather is concerned, this weekend is beautiful and hot!  In fact it was so hot, I actually stayed in my sewing space and did some quilting!  That has not happened in a loooooong time.  Have too say, it did feel good to be there, and even more surprising, I still remembered how to quilt.  I did say it has been awhile, and I am getting older...

What was I working on? Well a few months ago I put together some scrappy strings that were lying about my space.  These were leftovers from the Bunky quilts that I made last year, and then some other strips and strings that were just hanging about.  My intention, way back then, was to link up to Scraptastic Tuesday.  I never did, but I am now!
Scraptastic Tuesday

Lots of goodness over there - click the image to go see what scrappy goodness others have been working on!

neutral and red toile
strip pieced the neutral scraps, attached as borders to some larger scraps, viola! a runner

scrappy neutrals
stitch in the ditch all the piano key scrappy bits, with the odd "X" thrown in on bigger scraps

the battening is also scraps - Frankenbatting for the win!

and even the backing was a scrap left over from a wide back on something else
But it doesn't end there.  I had some blue, green and grey scrappy strings and some scrap HST cutoffs.  They became this runner.

blue green grey scrappy runner2
Improv pieced

blue green grey scrappy runner
straight line quilting

flip side uses the scraps from the HSTs

But the quilting that I enjoyed the most was working on this runner which had lots of solid clear space.  This was also made from leftovers, but in this case, they were pretty big scraps.  The runner is reversible, with the fabrics reversed on the flip-side.  I usually do pretty organic free-form feathers, but I decided that I would try some bump back feathers.  These are a more traditional feather, but I think I've still managed to keep them organic!
green runner
Green runner

bumpback feathers
Bump back feathers

reversible - the feathers and cross hatch don't show on the print, but stand out nicely on the green

All of these runners are destined for the boutique at the Blue Mountain Quilters Guild quilt show in October.  Judging from the number of scraps that I still have, there may be more to come!

Quilting on all was done with Superior Bottomline in the bobbin and Superior Magnifico on top.  Unknown scrappy batting.  Quilting done on my good old  workhorse MegaQuilter.

Happy quilting!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

new distraction!

Hi there!  Here on the west coast of Canada we are enjoying a beautiful early spring.  I've been out working in the garden, trying to whip it into shape, and it is getting there!  We're planning on putting a few vegetable beds in the front yard this year, and I've been busy trying to get rid of the weeds.  A loosing battle I'm sure, but at least I shall start with good intentions!  One of these days I'll take a few pictures.

Progress is slow on my Pineapple Blossom quilt, I've been distracted with smaller quicker projects, and am quite happy with this one!
art deco rose
Art deco Rose 
I had fun using some hand-dyed fabric I did a while ago, and then really had fun with the quilting!  It is going to lead to a few other projects and ideas, I'm sure!

Happy quilting!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A fun little baby quilt

This past Monday, I had a chance to try out a sitdown midarm - a Pfaff powerquilter 16 to be exact (thank you Jane!)  I had fun!  I made up a pretty simple baby quilt on the weekend, with lots of open space so that I could try out some feathers, some free motion quilting and some ruler work.  I was very happy with all of them!  Not saying I'm in the market to buy one of these right now, but it sure was great to be able to spend some time and see how it worked with the way I like to quilt.  Big bonus, the back and shoulders were very happy when I was done!

Here's a few pics

StarBaby Full

StarBaby detail



This one will be a donation quilt for the Blue Mountain Quilter's Guild.

Now, I need to get back to my Pineapple Blossom!

Linking up this week to
Sew Fresh Quilts

Go take a look and see what everyone's been working on!
Happy quilting!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm actually quilting!

my Pineapple Blossom quilt!  This top has been finished for over a year, but I just never got around to quilting it.

Pineapple Blossom
It is a big one, and it is giving me a workout, as it is a lot of quilt to be moving around and quilting on my HV Mega Quilter.

I know it is going to take me a while so I didn't want to be putting it on and taking it off of the long arm. I rent time on one, but would never get this done in a single go.  What I did do with the long arm was baste it together.  It is just too big for me to spray baste and feel confident that it would stay together with all the manhandling it is going to be getting!

creating some frames, with the busy front, it's easier to see them from the back

the back (Tula Pink Free Fall - a lovely wide backing!)

I also know that this is NOT show quality quilting, and I'm okay with that.  This quilt is going to be for our bed, and while I am having fun and trying out some things, I am not overly fussed about the wobbles and bobbles.

some dot-to-dot, some pebbles and some curved cross-hatching

back2 bw
What?  You couldn't see it on that busy front??? (image is in black and white)
I had thought I might do some ruler work, but it is just too much quilt to manage that, so I've been marking the quilt and stitching, and then marking some more.  I've put in some stabilizing stitches throughout the top, and now I'm going back and starting in the middle and working my way out. I don't have a plan, lets just see what comes next!

Happy quilting!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

a bit of a mish-mash

but that just seems to be the way my mind is working these days!

I have lots of ideas, and am constantly bouncing around between them.  Consequently, not a lot is getting done, but here's a bit of where my mind has been this week.

Some homework from a workshop done with Catherine Nicholls. In the workshop we were using paint on fabric, applied using various tools, to try to achieve changes in value.  Part of our homework was to take one of our test pieces and reproduce it in thread.  The bottom image is the painted image from class, the upper is my thread interpretation.  These are small - roughly 4"square.


Due to an exciting project that is in the works, my mind is full of architecture and how to represent it in fabric. More about that once details are finalized. This picture I took last week will probably be my first attempt - even though it isn't really architecture, doesn't it look like a condo development to you? I've even pulled some fabrics.  I anticipate using some of the techniques I'm learning from Catherine to bring this one to life, and am currently in the experimental stage.  You will be seeing more of this one as it develops, I'm sure!

container2 sm

and finally!  I am getting ready to start quilting my Bonnie Hunter Pineapple Blossom quilt.  This has been a top for over a year now, but I wasn't having any luck deciding how I wanted to quilt it. I've got my initial plan in place and will be starting to quilt this on the long arm on Monday.  I expect it to be a combination of long arm and domestic machine quilting, but we'll see how it goes!

Pineapple Blossom

'til next time - happy quilting!


Friday, February 26, 2016

It's been awhile

How have you been?  I hope you're well and have been more creative then me!  I have been missing for a while.  Hopefully I won't be quite so absent now.   Work-work got crazy busy last fall and it has taken until now for me to get my sew-jo back again. It is slow going, and I'm gradually working my way back into things, but I am definitely feeling more creative, and hope to get back into full swing.
I have been working on a few things, but I guess my lack of sew-jo has extended to a lack of photos, too!
Here's a glimpse at what I've been working on.
I have made a couple of baby quilts, donated to the local NICU via the Blue Mountain Quilters Guild - we were challenged to make a quilt with animals on them to be displayed at our AGM at the beginning of February.  Here's the one I started with:
Ella the elephant likes flowers
Ella the elephant likes flowers

the elephant design is taken from the backing fabric used, sorry no picture of it 

elephant baby quilt detail
a few free motion flowers in the corners

In going through my stash to make the first one I came across this fabric that demanded to be fussy cut to highlight the owl.  Combined with some leftover charm squares, and a bit of yardage, I had a quick and easy little quilt, which I had fun quilting using some long arm rulers on my domestic machine.  Look - I didn't quilt it to death!

Owl baby quilt

Last October my third grandchild was born - another sweet little girl.  Last year for Valentine's Day I made the first two heart pillows from Grandma, (here and here) so this February I had to make another.  Here's Naomi's pillow:

Naomi's pillow

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in a two day work shop organized by my friend Krista, (aka Poppyprint Creates ) with Lorena Uriarte on her gorgeous Opal Essence quilt.  What a fun weekend we had!  I am quite enjoying this process - and I am even doing some hand applique with it!  This was my progress last weekend - I've now got another 6 blocks done - only another 46 to go if I make it full size!

opalessence progress
I love the 3D affect of these blocks

Things are looking up - I'm starting to get more ideas than I have time to make - which is a good thing!  Hopefully I'll be back soon with another update!

Happy quilting! Janet