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Monday, July 6, 2009

Some Days

I just should have stayed in bed.

Today is one of those days when tomorrow just has to get better! Today started out okay - overcast with light rain - no complaints, we've had it very hot lately. Took my best bud Chico for his walk, that was fine.
My "puppy" (he's 12 and a half!) just does not like to have his picture taken! This is a good one as he is not blinking or looking away. However, he's far more handsome in person.

Snapped a few pics of my lilies that are just opening - wanted to make sure I got them before the heavy rains come, expected tomorrow, but the wind was blowing so they may not be as sharp as I'd like. They are gorgeous, though.

Then it was time for my workout - I do a twenty minute step and weight routine and just as I'm about finished, POP! goes my calf muscle as it decides its had enough so now I'm limping around with a major charlie horse in my calf. Stairs are interesting, and since my studio is downstairs, and everything I seem to need today is upstairs, I'm hobbling up and down more then usual.
Had all kinds of problems yesterday updating my Embroidery software. Finally got it done last night and now today its not talking to the laptop any more. Several more frustrating moments while I tried various things. Finally, changed the USB port and it worked! Go figure, I'll have to remember that for next time. I've been wanting to make a wallet for a couple of months - it was the embroidery project at club a couple of months ago. Today was the day. Since my machines were communicating, it was time. Merrily motoring along, when it was time for a thread change and to place my applique pieces in place and I realized that it had not stitched out the outline for my applique placements for half the design! At this point I figured I'd just let it stitch out sans those pieces and see what I could selvage. I've decided I actually like the side without the applique better and think I'll make another one with just the embroidery.

As I was working on it, I've managed to scald my fingers on my iron, drop my scissors and foolishly try to catch them and jabbed them into my knuckle, which then proceeded to bleed all over the lining fabric for the wallet, and now is swollen and sore.

the wallet is finished, the dog is walked, the flowers are blooming and I'll be back at it again tomorrow!


a good yarn said...

Your lillies are beautiful - they were my mother's favourites. *Puppy* is cute too. I think the wallet is fabulous! You're right though...probably was a good day to stay in bed. Tomorrow will be better. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Ann :0

Beneath the Eaves said...

First thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is certainly titled correctly for today's blog. Wow, I hope what comes next is some relief. But as you said the flowers are gorgeous, your buddy is happy and the the wallet is finished. (you even got your workout in). I love all your ideas-I think we are living on the same patch in this world. Check my project list. Do they sound familiar. So varied, I will never finish. Oh well I guess we will have to pace ourselves.
Take care,