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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where does the time go?

I can't believe how quickly the day disappears when I don't have "have to do's", and deadlines to deal with. Such freedom, although I'd better start setting some deadlines of my own, or nothing will get done! I have been doing some sewing since the last post, and also some gardening, although we are having another incredible spell of hot weather for the Vancouver area - we barely had any rain for the entire month of June, and now July is starting out nice and hot, too. I haven't finished all my planting yet for fear they will get fried! Can't complain, we had a brutal winter for us this past year.

I had to try one of those cute lil purses on Rachel's blog ("Not So Plain Jane") - her tutorial was great - very easy to follow, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I've also been working on a guild summer challenge - well, last year's challenge - figured I'd better get it done before this year's came out! Almost have the top done - just have a couple of borders to put on. This challenge actually came out in installments all year. We started a year ago June with the directive to make / use 20 4"sq blocks as our focus. I decided on making the New York Beauty blocks, others did a larger applique or a fussy cut panel to the equivalent size, or whatever they wanted. Then, each month we were given options for additional blocks to make, and quantities to make of them. With the help of my EQ6 I came up with this design. I'm really happy with it. Of course, once I took the picture, I realized I had put one of the rows together wrong. It has since been fixed, but not in this picture - can you spot the error of my ways???
What comes next? The border - it will be a yellow "stopper" strip and then a blue outer border. I'm hoping to get this quilted this summer, ready to show at our first guild meeting in the fall.
Of course, I was suppose to be working on it when the cute l'il purse distracted me!

What's distracting you these days?


Rachel said...

Your purse is ADORABLE! I love the little flowers you added. It is perfect!

And that quilt... oh my goodness, it's amazing. What a lot of work you put into making it.

Nice to see another Canadian gal out here in blogland. ☺

What Comes Next? said...

Thanks Rachel, the instructions were perfect!