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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two down!

I've managed to finish off two of my UFOs, only 5 more to go for the UFO challenge!
The first is one I started in a class about 3 years ago.  It's made entirely from my stash.  When I couldn't find a tan fabric that I liked, I tea-dyed some.  Quite pleased with how its turned out, although some of the early quilting is a little rough!
Midnight Roses table runner
This one dates back even further - 5 or 6 years ago, also a class.  Back before I fully "got" contrast!  I decided to use it as a quilting practise piece, and used some metallic thread on the black to try to add a bit more contrast.
Cranberry Salsa

Now, on to What Comes Next.  This one is much newer, made this past summer - I first blogged about it here.  This was a guild challenge, which I have now added borders to to make it 70" sq.  It will be a Christmas present.  It is also the largest quilt that I have attempted to quilt myself.  Wish me luck!
Morning Frost

Happy Quilting!


Rachel said...

You are doing so well on this challenge. I love your projects! It's so much fun to see what everyone's working on.

Since I joined the challenge, I haven't had any time to work on anything. Soon... soon... (but probably not this weekend).

Maggi said...

Just found your blog through the Gumtrees Flickr site. Your stuff is gorgeous.

Birdydownunder said...

oh I love people with lots of UFO's, well done on the finishing.

Geta Grama said...

This is a gorgeous table runner !
Thank you for linking to my tutorials and giveawasy.