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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Memories

At this time of year, especially, I spend a lot of time thinking about past Christmas' - there are so many memories collected over the years.  Good times with friends and family, lots of laughter, lots of food!
One of my most cherished Christmas memories is from 1966.  My grandparents had moved to Nova Scotia from England and were living just down the hill from us.  It was a very WHITE Christmas that year!  My aunt was home visiting from, I think, Bolivia that year, with her fiancee.  My brothers and sister and I were up early, as usual, and all waiting at the top of the stairs for my parents to get up.  (Mum had actually been up for hours at that point, getting dinner in the oven and breakfast ready, as mother's do!).  We weren't allowed to go downstairs until everyone was up.  There were the usual stuffed stockings and loads of presents, but the best memories are of my grandparents being there with us, after struggling thru the snow up to our house, and my aunt reading Jemima Puddleduck books to us, a fire burning, Christmas music playing - a picture perfect Christmas (without any photos for me to share :( ).  A huge feast full of laughter and food - Christmas crackers, everyone in their paper crowns.  My little sister - she was 4 - with the biggest drumstick imaginable! Oh it was marvelous!  Unfortunately, it was the only one with my grandparents, as after that winter, they decided that it was too white and cold, for too long, in Canada so they moved back to England, but I'll always have those memories!
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Maggi said...

Thanks for sharing such a lovely Christmas memory. That special joy seems to have disappeared of late amongst all the commercialisation of Christmas. Hope this year is happy and memorable for you.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What a great Christmas memory with your family (and grandparents)! Thanks so much for sharing, and for joining us in the fun. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!