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Monday, March 29, 2010

March winds

doth blow - and they sure are these days - just about blown off my feet tonight walking Chico.  And last night the wind and rain woke me up - it was pounding down, and just howling!  Guess it's those April showers coming early.  We've already had all the May flowers, so I wonder what will come next?
A couple of weeks ago I sent off my 4x6ers postcards - so I think I'm okay with posting my process and results.  Our theme was "Famous Women". I picked Emily Carr - a Canadian painter and author, who was a contemporary of the Group of Seven.  She lived in British Columbia, and her paintings represented native culture and the natural landscape.  You can read more about her here.  Here is her picture that was my inspiration
As I'm trying to try out a new technique with each postcard, this time around I decided to try doing one large picture and then cutting it up into the smaller postcards.  In addition, I wanted to try colouring with wax crayons and then heat setting the image.  I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.  Here is my image before cutting up:

and then here it all sliced and diced and ready to go
It was a lot of fun!  I've received three of the postcards coming my way - they are fabulous - I'll post a picture of all of them once they've all arrived, but you can check out some of them here
Now to start working on the next theme - "Flowers"
I also managed to get my Potholder Pass 2 package in the mail.  In addition to the potholders, see my earlier post, I made a matching apron out of the leftovers and a dishtowel.  Love that Blush!
apron and potholders
I'm currently sandwiching three donation baby quilts, which I hope to get all quilted and finished off next weekend.  Gotta love a long weekend! I'll show pictures next post.
Oh - you know that new job I started at the beginning of March?  Well its turning out to be not such a good fit, so I'm back to doing some more looking.  I'm hopeful the right thing will show up soon, after all, What Comes Next?
Happy quilting!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Janice....oh gee,,,very the postcards and the apron with matching pot holders I just love them...gorgeous fabrics...
well done on all those finishes...Peg OPAM 2010

Melissa said...

It is all so gorgeous! I love those postcards!! What an inspiration!

Beth said...

The postcards are great. You have been busy
Can't wait to see the incoming cards.
Sorry the job didn't work out. Good luck on the hunt for better fit.

a good yarn said...

Your postcards are fantastic! That Blush fabric is beautiful. You have made a lovely apron and potholders. Looking forward to seeing your baby quilts. Ann :-)

aubirdwoman said...

oh sorry about the job but hey keep looking. I am the happy lucky recepient of one of those fabulous postcards. Happy quilting to you too.

maggi said...

The postcards are so lovely. Don't worry, the right job is out there waiting for you.

My Sweet Prairie said...

sweet! LOVE the postcards.
I'm peeking more through your blog. ; ) Love it!! Glad I found you. :)
sewing in Saskatoon