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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Play time!

It's been a wonderful couple of days filled with FMQ play - I've been practising my FMQ on three donation quilts - here's some pictures of what I've done so far.  Please excuse the threads - I'll be burying them tonight.
FMQ fun
16 blocks, 16 different fill patterns around the pinwheels
FMQ fun3

FMQ fun2
Lots of open space to play!
fill crazy

fill crazy2

feather play
Before the weekend is over, I hope to have them all done, including bindings, and will show some full pictures.
Tomorrow, though, includes some painting and patching, and Easter Dinner with my sister!
Happy quilting!


Melissa said...

Oh your quilting is wonderful!

aubirdwoman said...

wow I am so impressed, well done. I just love that block.
have a lovely Easter Dinner.

a good yarn said...

Practising?! You can't be serious! You don't need practice - this is just as it should be. Brilliant! I wish my machine quilting looked this good. Ann :-)

maggi said...

Wow that is some practice. Gorgeous. It adds so much to what were ordinary quilts.

Beth said...

Fantastic FMQ. It looks just beautiful. Want to practice on some of mine? LOL
Don't work too hard.Happy Easter.

Lisa said...

Wow! I was about to ask what type of machine you had, until I realized what FMQ stands for.

Thanks for the comment on my quilt/blog ... and yes, it does sound like we come from similar places ... in fact ... I used to live in New West ;-). Only for about 6 months in the condos on top of Royal City Centre off Princess St.

Rachel said...

So beautiful! You did a wonderful job with all your patterns. I wish I was brave enough to just 'play' like that in the open spaces, but I'm always afraid of ruining the quilt so I fall back on stippling. It's getting a bit old!

Hope you had a lovely Easter!