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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mondays are play days!

I like Mondays!  My Monday's start off with a "sew date" with my good friend Laurraine from Patchwork Pottery.  I met Laurraine through blogging, and now she lives just a few short blocks away from me - isn't life grand???  We meet at Laurraine's house, sometimes I take my machine over, and sometimes I just take handstitching.  Today was a handstitching day.  I decided to try my hand at some hexie's. 

Actually, I started making these on vacation 2 years ago, and just didn't like how long they took to stitch.  Then I discovered this way of doing them
just tacking them together at the corners - wow was this fast!  and the paper just pops out!  Not like the old way I was doing them
stitching all around with little running stitches, notice the paper is still in this one, 'cause I have to cut and pull that thread before I can remove it - yuckers!  No wonder I put them aside!  Now, they might actually get made into the coaster sets I originally intended for our last guild quilt show.  Next show's coming up this October, and may be, just may be, they'll be in the boutique this year!
Then, because it's Monday, and I don't have to work, I came home and did some more sewing.  I'm in the Bitty Block Committee swap, where we exchange 3" finished blocks.  The July/August theme is Beach/Ocean, so here are my little blocks, all fused down and ready to stitch.
group shot
here's a close up of one of them
3.5" block beach/ocean group 3
If you want to see some truly amazing little blocks, check out the swap Flickr page here
Hope you have wonderful Monday's, too!
Happy quilting,


Anonymous said...

The hexagons look great. Your method is a tip well worth knowing about, thanks for sharing it. Cute seaside blocks.

Beth said...

I made a little purse with hexigons a couple of years ago. Wish I had known that little tip then. I will try some more with your tip.

a good yarn said...

Now that is a neat trick and your timing is impeccable. I'm about to embark on a paper piecing project so this inside knowledge has come in handy. Pretty hexies and I adore your buckets and spades! Ann :-)

Josh said...
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Unknown said...

your little blocks are so cute and what a great way to sew hexagons....I may try them now...I hate to hand sew!!!!