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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FMQ Challenge and Kitchen Goodies swap

So far I've been getting at least a little bit of quilting in everyday for the FMQ Challenge.  I have to say my results are pretty up and down!
After a very successful day on Saturday, I've either not had a lot of time, or have just not been able to get it the grove to quilt, so I don;t have a lot to show for it.  My practise piece is slowly progressing, but I've decided that it is best suited for continuous curve quilting, so it's kind of dull going at this point.  I will try out a few fills once I get the main stars all donem so that should create some more interest.  Here's some shots of my progress to date.

Day 1

Day 3 - tried some straight line fills and some curved cross hatching

Day 4 - variations on continuous curves

Day 5 - Was so not getting in the groove - so just played

Day 6 - felt better, but no time - a little more continuous curves

Day 2 was covered off in this post, and was my most successful day so far!

I did get my Kitchen Goodies swap sent and it has been received, here's what I put together for Paula - a set of potholders with matching tea towels.

and here's what I got from Anna - I really cute chicken tea cozy, some potholders, reuseable saran wrap and tea - I was spoiled!

Isn't this tea cozy cute?

Something that was really cool with this swap - I was making for someone that I knew from the VMQG, and unbeknowst to me, someone else at the guild was making for me!  This was an international swap, hosted by another VMQG member Sonja Callaghan aka artisania - just what are the chances of that?  You should pop over and visit Sonja - she designs some really cool paper piecing patterns, and has recently started to appear in several different publications!   Way to go Sonja!

Happy quilting!


Rachel said...

Your quilting always amazes me. Look at those arches! Perfect!

I love your chicken tea cosy. So cute. Looks like that was a great swap!

dutchcomfort said...

I admire your persistence in FMQ every day! Those arches and curves are really looking fabulous!

The swap gifts made and received look wonderful!

Sue Daurio said...

Love the curved cross hatching, I'm going to have to try that on a practice piece. Your kitchen goodies are adorable.

Poppyprint said...

OMG, that chicken!!!!!!

Renate said...

Look at those arches! enought to make Mcdonald's envious! LOL

I just love your"playing" piece! and that chicken...what a clucker!!

Wendys Hat said...

You are doing some really beautiful work! I love how you quilted What Comes Next!