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Monday, May 9, 2011

Check it out!

Can you believe it?  My DQS10 quilt,
 (you've seen it before, but here it is again!)
DQS10 Finished and mailed

that I made for Quilting Barbie 
 has been featured on a Sew, Mama, Sew trends post! 
See it here in the company of a lot of beautiful quilts!

Now that makes for a very happy Monday!

Happy quilting!


dutchcomfort said...

Congratulations Janet!

Lisa said...

WOW! That is beautiful. I can't believe the quiting on that doll quilt. So wonderful. Congrats to you!

Linda said...

Awesome! Great quilting!

Holly said...

That's so exciting, Janet!

Birdydownunder said...

Your ... what comes next ... stuns me into silent praise.
Is there no end to your talent.:)
my word verification is riapping .. it sure knows me.

Beth said...

Oh yes!!! It should only keep company with other fantastic quilts. Congrats. You deserve it.

felicity said...

So exciting - and well-deserved. Congratulations, Janet!!

Wendys Hat said...

Beautiful! I'm honored to be with you talented quilters there!

Joan said...

Looks gorgeous Janet!

Heather said...

congratulations. it is beautiful! I can believe it!