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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slow week

I've not been very productive this week - just can't hang on to the inspiration - it come and goes, and just doesn't want to stay.
Last weekend was a great sewing weekend, though.  I went to a Blue Mountain Quilters Guild workshop and came home with a completed top.  We were working on a Trip for Two to Boston.  Here's the recipe for that:
Take two quilters, 15 FQ and approximately 2 meters of fabric.  Cut cut cut, sew sew sew, cut some more, sew some more and lo and behold you both go home with a quilt top!
the end of the first day
What a blast we had!  Here are the completed tops we went home with

My partner in crime - Brigitte's

Today I managed to finish off my 4X6ers postcards for this month.  Our theme was Buildings, and I tried something new - TAP and my coloured pencils.  Just a little peek for you now, as I don't want to ruin anyone's surprise!
now what could it be?
We're heading out for the weekend to do some camping on the west coast of Vancouver Island - today is lovely - sunny and warm - I do hope it stays that way, 'coz I really don't like camping in the rain and cold.  Wish us good weather!

 Happy quilting!


Joan said...

Love what you both ended up with :)
Have a lovely camping weekend :)

aubirdwoman said...

what a super idea and a great weekend. Waiting for the postie, I have no idea but it looks a lot more complicated than mine lol.
Have a lovely weekend camping.

Desley said...

Sounds like you had fun.

felicity said...

Wow! Cool quilt tops! Have fun this weekend...I think the weather's supposed to hold. At least through Sunday....

Poppyprint said...

Long Beach??? Have a great wkd! Those partner quilts are so great - what an excellent idea.

Peggy said...

I love that pattern - and what lovely colors you chose! Enjoy the ocean!

Beth said...

Your workshop looks like great fun. You really did get a lot done. The colors are just beautiful and both tops came out sew pretty.
Hope you have fun camping. Hope the weather stays nice.

2ne said...

Great work in lovely colours :-)

Iceni UK said...

Beautiful quilts.
I'm looking forward to receiving my postcard.
sounds intriging!!!!!!!

Long favourite place on the island, enjoy your weekend.

Vicki Miller said...

I was going to say what a coincidence that you and brigitte made the same quilt, but as you said you were partners in crime. Gorgeous colours, yummy

Maggi said...

Hope you had a good camping trip. Love both those quilts.