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Friday, June 17, 2011


A few guidelines for me to keep in mind NEXT time!
If watching the Stanley Cup final game:
  • do not run between the computer and the TV when making and printing your label on to TAP
  • do not try to quickly fuse that label to your quilt back in the second intermission so that you can start quilting said quilt, so that you can show it at the guild meeting the next night
  • always check that label before putting the iron to it
The above image is what appeared on my quilt back the second I put the iron to the TAP - wouldn't you know it, it transferred immediately this time!
  • Otherwise you will spend the rest of the second intermission getting to this point
the quilt back with a hole where the label used to be
  •  and then having to create a new label - mirrored this time before printing, and then piecing in a new patch for said label to adhere to.
Perhaps this was indicative of the disastrous end to an exciting series...

Happy quilting!


Poppyprint said...

BUMMER! Your quilt is so fantastic, is the new and improved (readable) label. Yes, shame about the Stanley Cup. I hope their massive playoff bonuses will soften the blow for the Canucks.

Holly said...

Glad you were able to fix the label and complete the quilt back before the meeting! Your quilt is stunning - I can't believe that the tiny pieces finish a half inch square!

Renate said...

LOL! Hey I can read that! I'm looking forward to seeing the final result in full.

Beth said...

I really thought that I was the only one to do stuff like that. Glad to see you got it all fixed.

JB said...

Join the human race!! We have all done silly things like that. Glad you were able to fix it, even though it looks like that was probably a pain to do.

I am anxious to see the completed quilt.

Birdydownunder said...

sorry but roflo
just the sort of thing I do when watching the Cricket

Heather D. said...

I'm reading this waaaay after the fact, but as a fellow B.C.'er I can understand how this happened!! Thankfully (?) I was sick that day so still watched the game from the couch but was therefore exempt from any crafting blunders!!

Our Canucks don't seem to be doing so hot yet this season. :(

Have a wonderful day.