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Sunday, March 15, 2015

just where have I been?

Way back - a month ago - I said I was off to Quilt Con.  I've been and back, and as so many others have indicated, it was a fabulous experience.  I have some pictures to share, but I will do them in a separate post.  I think by now, you've probably seen and heard all the highlights, and seen lots of pictures.  Next time I'll show you my favourites.

I was also having computer issues before I went.  I'm happy to say that my new laptop has finally arrived - it very literally was on a slow boat from China! I am slowly getting used to it.  and am able to take real pictures with my camera instead of iPad pictures, although truth be told, there's probably not a great deal of difference in the quality!  I have Photoshop Elements and will be teaching myself the ins and outs of it, so hopefully, even if I don't take great pictures, I'll be able to dress them up and fool you all in to thinking I'm better at it then I am!  :)

I have been doing some sewing and quilting.  Many of you will know that I am easily distracted, and seldom work on one project at a time.  That has not changed!  I've been working away on this one

BMQG RoundRobin001
it is getting close, and I am really happy with how it is turning out.

BMQG RoundRobin002
BMQG RoundRobin003
Just have to decide on the quilting for the final border of HSTs.
I also decided that I needed to try out the Quick Curve Ruler that I bought quite some time ago.  A quick baby quilt was just the ticket, and I'm really happy with how easily and well this one came together!
Pink&Grey 3

Pink&Grey 1

Pink&Grey 2
I will definitely be using this ruler more!

I've also made progress on my VMQG block lotto grey and Kona Curry blocks - they are all together AND I've got the back pieced, ready to sandwich.  No pictures yet, but soon!  And, because I really have to start something new on a regular basis, I've got another baby quilt already to start quilting.  It was made using a 4" square charm pack of Vienna Nights by Three Sisters.  Oh yeah, I pulled out my Lone Star quilt I started 2 years ago, and that is now almost a finished top!  I need to get busy with that camera of mine, and start recording what I'm working on...

Happy quilting!


Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

Hi Janet,
You have been one busy bee for the past the month. Your quilting is amazing and are into allot of projects. I tend to get into phases like that as well. I want to thank you for helping me decide on a quick baby blanket that I need to make. I have been sitting with the Curved Ruler for years and might copy your quilt (is there a specific pattern?) Yours is lovely. Bravo!

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Nice to see you back on blogland! That's lots of beautiful quilting you are doing!

elle said...

green- in time for paddy day! I am needing to upgrade some stuff and figure out the new camera. If I don't blow a circuit it should do wonders for the grey matter! Good projects!

Renate said...

Gee that first pictured quilt sure looks familiar. LOL! Glad to see you are back from QuiltCon safely. Looking forward to seeing some of the things that were your favorites!

Sandi said...

They are all gorgeous. That is some talent you have there!