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Saturday, March 6, 2010


It took awhile, considering I only had a little bit of handsewing left on it, but my Winter Time mini quilt is done, and will be flying of to its final home!  Yehaw!! and that's an OPAM finish for March, too!
Winter Glory finished
If it looks a little wonky to you, that's 'cause it is, although maybe not wonky enough to be clear that its wonky?  I'll get wonkier as I try it again, I'm sure!

Next project is to get my Four by Sixers postcards done!  After that (or maybe during, who knows???!!), I've got my fabric and my plan for my Potholder Pass 2 potholders.
My poor embroidery projects have taken a back seat lately - must get busy on them - There's a new block out for March already in the Snowbound, so must get cracking! 
Not much progress to report on the kitchen reno - here's a picture of how the room looks today. 

The electrical is almost finished (outlets are done, just need to rough in for the new lights), then there's some patching and a "bit" of painting before we can do the floor and cabinets, but today is a beautiful day, so the sunshine is being enjoyed!
What comes next? we'll have to wait and see!


Christine said...

What a great little quilt!! The light in your kitchen is fabulous. It will be a beautiful room :) Christine

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh Janet your quilt is just so gorgeous...and your renos are coming along...

Beth said...

Love your little quilt.
I had forgotten about your renovations. Looks like you are making progress. Looks much neater at your house than it did at mine when we renovated .
Look forard to seeing what comes next.

Melissa said...

Whoever is going to receive that quilt is one lucky duck! It is lovely! Your kitchen reno picture looks so familiar! I washed dishes in the slop sink in the basement and cooked all our meals on the grill and in the microwave for two months. I don't envy you now, but I will when it's done!

loulee said...

What an adorable winter mini. Love it.

Poppyprint said...

Your winter mini is a real stunner!! Nice job quilting with metallic thread. I haven't tried that in years and certainly not on my new machine - it looks perfect on your quilt. The large snowflake is amazing!!! Your partner is very, very lucky.

I see lots is happening: new job, new kitchen, so it's impressive that you are finding time to finish that OPAM!

a good yarn said...

It looks marvellous! Very wintry and ice. Have fun with your planned projects. Kitchen renos take time but it will be so nice when it's done. Cheers, Ann :-)

aubirdwoman said...

I love wonky but find it hard to do.
Oh a new kitchen... lucky you.
What is Snowbound please (as if I really need to know :) )