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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What comes next?

Well this week, I've started a new job, full time, and unfortunately I'm going to have a lot less sewing time.  I've been off for the last nine months (my choice) and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to sew when ever I felt like it.  This week, I am so dead tired when I get home, that sewing just isn't happening.  I am hoping that once I get back into the groove of working that I will be able to get something done in the evenings. Fingers crossed that that doesn't take too long!
Thought I'd be able to post a sneak peek of my postcard swap project, but when I went to upload some pictures, the battery is dead on my camera and now I have to remember where I put my recharger!  I'm trying a new technique and so far it seems to be working okay.  Hopefully, I'll have some pictures before the end of the week.  Other thing I'm working on is my Winter Time mini quilt for the Quilting Gallery's swap.  This is nearly done - label and a few beads and it will be in the mail.  Mailing deadline for it is next Monday...
Better find that groove soon!  and that recharger...
Happy quilting!


Jilly's Space said...

Good luck with your new job!
Sometimes it is hard to find that energy to sew. I have often said I wish I could just stay home so I could sew whenever I wanted!!

Beth said...

Good luck with the new job. You will be less tired once you get past the "new" at the job. Usually all the information coming at you in the beginning is just overwhelming.
I had to hunt for my camera recharger just last night. Hope you find your quickly.